Egyptian Walking Onion Topsets

FAll is in the air and it's time to think of planting your fall bulbs!

Egyptian Walking Onions should be at the top of your list along with irises, tulips, and other fall flowers.

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Special applies to selected Egyptian Walking Onoins below.

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Photos below show actual count with a quarter coin for size reference.

Fall Special! Alcazar Iris

An old-fashioned Historic Alcazar Iris. Two-toned purple flowers with bronze veining and yellow beards on tall stalks. Extremely vigorous.
*Notice the Egyptian Walking Onions in the background ;-)

$20.00 for 10 rhizomes
Ships NOW!

10 Topsets

Buy one, get one free!


0.70¢ per set

Ships NOW!

25 Topsets

Buy one, get one free!
0.60¢ per set

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50 Topsets

Buy one get one free!
0.50¢ per set
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100 Topsets

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0.40¢ per set

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200 Topsets

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0.30¢ per set

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500 Topsets

0.25¢ per set
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Mature Egyptian Walking Onion Bulbs

In Spring the mature Eygptian Walking Onion bulbs are sprouting their spring leaves. In the fall they have a dried stalk. The bulbs are fairly small and shallot-like. Bulbs have already produced topsets and will produce again during the next season, and for many years to come. They will also divide in the ground every year. When you receive your bulb, plant the entire bulb in moist, rich soil. Leave the stalk or leaves sticking up out of the ground. Stalks and leaves may be cut back or bent back for shipping purposes.

$3.50 per bulb
May be coming in Fall 2018

Small Box of Mini Cluster Balls

A SMALL flat rate Priority Mail box full of mini Egyptian Walking Onion cluster balls. Each cluster ball averages about 15 to 20 topsets. The topsets within the cluster balls are very small averaging about 1/4" wide. Though small, they will still produce beautiful onion plants. To plant: separate topsets and space 4" apart 2" deep. You will receive one SMALL flat rate Priority Mail box full of mini cluster balls per order as shown in the photo.

$20.00 Ships NOW!

10 JUMBO Topsets

JUMBO topsets are at least one inch or more in diameter. They will make nice big plants their first year, and may even produce tiny topsets. We only have a limited supply, so get them now before they are gone.

Buy one, get one free!

$20.00 Ships NOW!

Onion Sack

The Onion Sack is a miniature burlap sack with a drawstring. The Onion Sack makes a perfect little gift bag for your Egyptian Walking Onion topsets. Each sack is stamped "EGYPTIAN WALKING ONIONS" and measures 4" x 6". One sack can hold up to 50 Egyptian Walking Onion topsets.
*Does not come with topsets*

Ships now!

Featured Plants

Jerusalem Artichokes - Red

Helianthus tuberosus, also called Sunchokes.
4 red tubers.

Coming soon!


Jerusalem Artichokes - White

Helianthus tuberosus, also called Sunchokes.
4 white tubers.

Coming soon!


Pregnant Onion Bulblets

Mature Pregnant Onion plant with sprouting bulblets.
Shown in 6" pot.

Also called "False Sea Onion"

Albuca bracteata (syn. Ornithogalum caudatum, Ornithogalum longibracteatum)

Although this plant resembles an onion because of its large bulb, it is really not an onion at all, but a member of the Hyacinthaceae family which includes Hyacinths, Bluebells, and Star-of-Bethlehems. The pregnant onion plant is known for being pregnant because of the interesting way in which it propagates itself by producing small bulblets right on the side of the bulb itself. This plant will grow a 3 foot long flower stalk bearing little white flowers with green stripes and has long glossy green leaves which have a similar appearance to amaryllis. The Pregnant Onion plant is often grown as a houseplant, or outdoors as an ornamental in warmer climates. In the wild this plant is found on shaded slopes and forest margins from the southeastern Cape of South Africa to tropical East Africa. Grow in well-drained soil. Bulb grows above the medium. Note, no portion of the plant is edible. Hardy to 25° F.

Closeup of baby Pregnant Onion bulblets
still attached to the mother plant.

$6.00 per 6 bulblets
Ships now!

Ordering Information

Please read this section before placing an order for Egyptian Walking Onion topsets.

Our Egyptian Walking Onion topsets are sold in batches of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500. We do not sell topsets by the pound. If you want to place an order for more than 500 topsets, please contact us for a discount price.

What is a topset?
An Egyptian Walking Onion "topset" is one of the little "bulblets" that grows at the top of the plant. It is essentially a baby Egyptian Walking Onion plant.

= one topset

Topset size
The majority of our topsets range from approximately 1/4" to 3/4" in diameter, however, some may be bigger and some may be smaller. Any order of Egyptian Walking Onion topsets may or may not contain sets that fall in the extreme small or large end of this size range. Meaning, when you order 10 topsets, you may or may not get any "big" topsets that are 1" or more in diameter, and you may or may not get any "small" topsets that are 1/4" or less in diameter. We deal with thousands of topsets, so the sets you receive are the luck of the draw. However, we do try to send a fair range in size so that you don't receive all small or all large topsets.

An example of three average size Egyptian Walking Onion
topsets shown with a penny for size reference.

Topset shape and appearance
The shape of an Egyptian Walking Onion topset varies. Some topsets are round, and some are enlongated. Most all topsets will have a little sprout or roots emerging. Some topsets may have greens up to 3 or 4 inches long. Topset colors range from green to reddish/purple. The outer layers of your topsets will be dry. This is normal and occurs during the curing process. Dry outer layers protect the topsets from excessive moisture loss and entrance of pathological organisms.

What you will receive when you place an order of Egyptian Walking Onion Topsets
When an order is placed, the Egyptian Walking Onion topsets are carefully picked by hand and counted. We always throw in a few extra for positive onion energy! The topsets are placed into a small paper bag (lunch bag), which is then put into a small US Priority mail box. We do not send any planting instructions or other printed material with your order, except maybe a business card. We are striving to be a "green" company so we try to conserve when possible. Since we post general planting directions on our website, we can save paper and ink by not printing and sending them. Thank you for your understanding.

An example of an order of Egyptian Walking Onion topsets.

This is an example of what you will receive
when you place an order of 10 Egyptian Walking Onion topsets:
10 topsets (plus extras not shown), a small paper bag, and a box.

What to do with your topsets when they arrive
Onion sets do not store very well. They are not like a seed with a hard outer coating that protects them from extreme environmental conditions. Egyptian Walking Onion topsets are in fact miniature plants. They are very vulnerable and can dry out, mold, or even die if not cared for properly. We continue to sell our Egyptian Walking Onion topsets well into the winter, long after we have harvested them all. This is because we cure them before putting them in storage. We store them in a dark refrigerator at a temperature just above freezing. They can remain viable for quite a while this way, but they would do far better if they were planted in the ground. We recommend that you plant your Egyptian Walking Onion topsets as soon as possible after you receive them. If the ground is frozen or covered with snow when you get your topsets, just plant them in a pot of soil and keep them inside. Keep the pot in a cool, dark place if you don't want them to grow too much. Put the pot in a warm, sunny place if you want them to grow like crazy. Do not over water them. Once per week is good. Make sure the water drains through the soil well. There are more planting instructions on the home page.
You may receive freshly picked topsets which have not been cured. They may have greens up to 3 or 4 inches long. You can plant these topsets immediately or you can cure them by letting them dry in the shade where there is plenty of airflow. When they are fully cured, the outer layer will have hardened and the greens will have dried to a light brown color. Store them in a cool, dry, dark place until you are ready to plant them. A refrigerator works great, but they must remain dry so they do not mold.

Please contact us for wholesale prices on large quantities - free shipping! We do not sell our Egyptian Walking Onion topsets by the pound or by size, we sell by count only. Ask us about our discounts for schools and nonprofit organizations :-)

We use Paypal as our payment system. When you click the "Add to Cart" button to place your order, you will be directed to our PayPal shopping cart page. You will see our PayPal account email: "" at the top of the page.
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Shipping for Egyptian Walking Onions within the United States is:
$6.50 for 1-2 orders
$12.50 for 3-6 orders
$20.00 for 7 and up orders

International shipping is $40.00 for 1-2 orders and $60.00 for 3 and up. Orders shipped outside the US are done so at your own risk. Every country has their own customs regulations and I cannot be held responsible.
Free shipping for wholesale orders.
All orders are shipped via US Priority Mail except where indicated otherwise.
We will combine shipping!
If your order will fit in a small flat-rate Priority box, then shipping will be a flat $6.50. If your order is bigger, but will fit into a medium flat-rate Priority box, then shipping will be $12.50. Large orders requiring a large flat-rate Priority box will be $20.00. Please notify us if you would like to combine your shipping charges.
Shipping for Plant Catalog items is 1-2 weeks unless you place an order in the dead of winter and I have to wait until the ground thaws to obtain your plants.

Thank you for your order!
Happy Onioning!

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